New Utrecht High School

 Schoolwide Grading Policy

 New Utrecht High School issues report cards three times during each semester or six times in a school year.

 Numerical grades range from 1 – 100.  * 1-point increments are permissible from 70 – 100.
All grades submitted must be whole numbers (no grades with decimals).

ONLY the following grades are to be used:

 * 90 – 100 = Excellent                                      
  * 80 –   89 = Good  NL   = New Admission (No credit granted)
* 70 –   79 = Satisfactory  (Do not use a grade of “1”)
65 = Just Passing                                                
** 60 = see below
55 = Academic Failure                                 
45 = Non-Academic Failure (intermittent attendance-less than 10 days present)                       
39 = Failure due to truancy (less than 5 days present)

** A grade of “60” may only be used in the 1st or 2nd marking period of either term to indicate that the student will most likely pass the 3rd marking period (used for programming purposes)

 Assessments make up 70% of grade:
Tests     – 50%
Quizzes – 10%
Projects – 10% (if a teacher does not assign projects, the 10% will be absorbed in tests 55% and quizzes15%)
Homework     – 15%
Participation  –  15%

The final grade that appears on the report card at the end of the fall and spring term must be at least an average of the 3 marking periods (it can be higher).  There will be a fourth column to record this final grade.  For example, if a student receives a “75” in the 1st marking period and an “84” in the 2nd marking period and “79” in the 3rd marking period, the student’s final grade is an average of the 3 marking periods.

75 + 84 + 79 = 238 divided by 3 = 79.3 (round off to a minimum whole number of 79)

Please check with your Department Assistant Principal for any other specific questions.

GRADES MUST BE HANDED IN ON TIME WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  HSST does not allow any updates or grade changes after June of each academic year.  For example:  If a teacher is changing a grade due to a regent score, it must be done before the teacher leaves for summer vacation.  Grade changes due to regent results must be made by June 28, 2017.  In September, the system will not allow it.

  1. All students are required to do work assigned out of class.
  2. In the event that homework cannot be done because of absence or other extenuating circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the work within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the teacher.  This may include a make-up assignment deemed suitable by the teacher.
  3. Any homework delinquency will have a negative effect upon report card grades.