New Utrecht High School



Maureen A. Goldfarb, Principal
1601 80th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214

(718) 232-2500 (VOICE)
(718) 259-5529 (Fax)     
Assistant Principals
Mitchel T. Kubiak
Keith T. Matone
Lisa Gretano


Study the following rules carefully. Note these important regulations.

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Absence from school: On the day you return to school after an absence, you must present to your subject teachers an absence note or medical note. It must contain the following information:

  1. Your full name and osis number.
  2. Specific dates of absence(s)
  3. Reason(s) for absence(s), notes for absence must explain specific ailment or situation.
  4. Signature of parent/guardian and/or doctor.
  5. Telephone number(s) or contact information.

Have each subject teacher sign it. Then return the note to the attendance office which will then be recorded. This must be done and recorded within one week of your absence. Late absence notes after one school week will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to turn in any absence note(s) to the attendance office in a timely fashion .

Lateness to school: Students are expected to be in their subject classes and in their assigned rooms before the late bell rings. Three or more lateness’ are equivalent to one cut. Excessive lateness will result in disciplinary action.

Cutting : when you are scanned into the school building, your attendance is automatically taken and teachers can mark you for cutting if you are absent from any of your classes without an official excuse.

Early dismissal: You may not leave school before the end of your scheduled day without an official pass. To be excused, you must bring a written request signed by your parent/guardian or doctor’s appointment verification. Take your request letter directly to room 134 if it is medically related or room 163 for all other early dismissals. Your parent/guardian or doctor’s office will be called and your early excuse verified before you are issued an early excuse pass. No student may be sent home for any reason unless he/she is accompanied by parent or legal guardian otherwise. This precaution is for student safety.

Illness Procedures : Should you become ill during the school day, ask your teacher for a pass to the emergency room 134 where you will be attended by the school’s nurse or aide. The medical person in room 134 will evaluate your condition and follow early dismissal procedures listed above.

Remember: Good work in school requires good attendance. Excessive absences or lateness may result in:

  1. Failure in your subject classes.
  2. Removal from team and any other extracurricular activities in school.
  3. Unfavorable comments on your permanent record