New Utrecht High School

Science & Health Careers Department



     You will find that whether you major in the field of engineering or just wish to have a science and technology background for general knowledge, there is a course of study for you. Scientific and technological knowledge is not only a useful tool for the pupil going to a four year college, but it also prepares those who wish to study technical trades in a two year Community College or looking to enter a career in industry.


The following is a list of science courses offered:

        Living Environment & Honors

        Chemistry & Honors

        Earth Science & Honors

        Physics Honors

        Advanced Placement Environmental Science

        Advanced Placement Biology

        Advanced Placement Chemistry  

        Advanced Placement Physics

        Unified Science

        Forensic Science


        Medical Health Careers

        Anatomy and Physiology

        Bilingual, Biology/Earth Science/Chemistry


We hope you find this information useful. Show this packet to your parents and if you find a field of science that interests you, inform your Grade Advisor of your intentions and an applicable program will be worked out for you.


The following is a detailed description of each course offered in the Science and Technology Department at New Utrecht High School:


Regents Living Environment & Honors 1 Year -The course is designed to provide broad general understanding of the fundamental principles of biology in such areas as how plants and animals maintain themselves, transmission of traits from generation to generation, evolution and diversity, etc. We also provide at extension of theses understandings in certain selected areas such as Biochemistry, Reproduction and Development, Modern Genetics and Evolution and Ecology. Students learn that today's discoveries in Biology have and will have tremendous impact on the resolution of many problems of society.  


Regent Chemistry & Honors 1 Year  - The study of elements and the energies involved in compound formation, chemical reactions, equilibrium, bonding and the periodic table are studied in depth. A one-period a week laboratory prepares students to handle scientific equipment, weigh, measure and perform their own experimentation.


Regents Earth Science & Honors 1 Year The study of earth, including materials that make up crust, forces that affect the landscape is a primary focus. The course also includes a detailed study of weather factors as well as astronomy and new theories concerning the earth and its environment. The single laboratory period will allow the students to investigate on a small scale, the forces that affect our planet on a large scale. A field trip may be required.


Regents Physics Honors 1 Year - The study of mechanics, light, heat, electricity magnetism, energies and the basic principles and laws involved in scientific investigation. The course also involves mathematic application to the field of Physics. The one period of laboratory a week allows the student to perform basic experiments to determine the principles of scientific theory and law.


Forensics Science - This course will be a lab-based course and involves the application of scientific methods to solve legal problems. The course will focus on crime scene evidence, lab analysis techniques, (such as chromatography, DNA analysis, fingerprinting, and fiber analysis), and recording and presenting data. Mock crime scenes will be investigated and real case studies analyzed. Guest speakers in the field will also be utilized to supplement the classroom activities.


Nutrition 1 yearcourse offering students the opportunity to grasp the importance of energy transformation as it begins with food cultivation, processing, and consumption. This course also examines the human impact of food processing methods as we advance and require greater amounts and less variation of organisms to sustain our existence.   


Advanced Placement Biology 1 year covering the essentials of advanced biology as outlined by the College Board. Intensive preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam in May is a major thrust. The course includes the laboratory experiment required for the examination.


Advanced Placement Chemistry-1 year - covering the essentials of advanced chemistry as outlined by the College Board. Intensive preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam in May is a major thrust.


Advanced Placement Physics 1 Year The intensive study of mechanics, light, heat, electricity magnetism, energies and the basic principles and laws involved in scientific investigation with increased rigor. The course also involves more sophisticated mathematic application to the field of Physics. The double period course prepares student for the scientific & engineering careers of tomorrow.


Advanced Placement Environmental Science 1 year - This course is offered to juniors or seniors who have completed two years of Regents Sciences including Biology, Earth Science, and/or Chemistry with an 85+. It will satisfy the three year Science graduation requirement. Topics of study include elements of ecology, as it pertains to urban pollution, acid rain, greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, and global warming. Studies of endangered species, preservation of lands for their use, and waste management is also included. Field trips to places of interest and guest speakers will be ongoing during the year.


Anatomy and Physiology 1 year This course for juniors in the Medical and Health Careers Program. It is taken concurrently with Chemistry. The course is geared for students who wish to become physician's assistants, therapists for sports injuries, radiologists, working with therapy for the elderly, etc. Studies in anatomy include detailed studies of the human skeleton and musculature.








Pupils in this program take Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, and, if a Science major, at least 2 other electives such as Advanced Placement courses and/or college now courses offered through Kingsborough Community College. All sciences include a single laboratory period. All pupils in the Honors Academy will be expected to participate in trips, seminars, special programs, and areas of scientific enrichment.



Only selected students from throughout Brooklyn may participate in this program. Included in the sequence are Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. A one-year optional course in Anatomy and Physiology including elements of is included for qualifying juniors and seniors. A single laboratory period is included. This program culminates with successful students participating in a one year internship during their senior year with our affiliated Hospitals and/or NY aquarium. The internship experience exposes students to the day to day operations involved with patient care and/or animal care. See program coordinator for more information.



A one-year course, 5 periods per week, especially designed for recently immigrated students. This course consists the essentials of traditional Biology course emphasizing reading, writing, cooperative, learning, alternative learning styles, alternative strategies and assessments.



A one year course offered to newly arrived immigrant students with limited English proficiency. The course of study consists of the first year traditional course in the areas stressing reading and writing. English skills are strengthened through group learning and alternative strategies.


 SCIENCE OLYMPIAD COMPETITION students participate in a national science tournament that challenges them in the various disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology.  The value and implication of being involved in such extra-curricular activities as the Science Olympiad is apparent for developing productive high performing adults.