New Utrecht High School

Music Department

Music Design

MUSIC : One term of music is required for graduation. The study of music may lead toward a 3-year group sequence. This can be a performance sequence in either vocal or instrumental music.

CHORUS: (AUV) The New Utrecht High School Chorus consists of one or two classes of 40-50 students each which meet daily in Room 151.The main purpose of Chorus is to provide performance opportunities for students at school and community events. Class time is spent on vocal training and learning music for scheduled performances. All New Utrecht students are welcome in Chorus, regardless of prior musical experience. All that is required is a willingness to learn and participation in class and performances.

The Chorus performs at PTA Meetings (at least 1 per semester), Senior Award's Night and Graduation (Spring), Holiday Carolling at local nursing homes and schools (Holy Family Nursing Home, Victory Memorial/Brooklyn Hospital Nursing Home, the William O'Connor School- FALL), occasional evening performances or school assemblies and other community events. Students are required to attend ALL performances.

SENIOR BAND: (UDS11) The New Utrecht High School Senior Band (Also known as the New Utrecht High School Jazz & Rock Ensemble) meets daily in the Auditorium during 1st period. This course is for students who can play a musical instrument and would like to play in a full band setting. All types of music are studied. Styles include: Rock, Jazz and Pop music. The Senior Band performs at school functions and in the community. Entrance is by audition and approval of the instructor.

JUNIOR BAND: (UDS11QB) The New Utrecht High School Junior Band meets daily in the Auditorium. This course is for students who want to learn how to play an instrument or are beginners on their instrument. Topics covered: technique, basic fingerings, scales, tone production, tuning, intonation and reading music. The Junior Band is not a performing ensemble. Please see instructor for more information.

GUITAR: (UGS) Elementary and Advanced guitar classes are offered. Getting help from the instructor is a key factor. Beginners will learn the basics of the guitar including: tunings, plucking, strumming and their application to popular rock idioms. Guitars will be supplied. The Advanced class (UGS32/33) will study song structure, picking techniques, mutings, songwriting, chord progressions, music theory and group performance.

CORE MUSIC/REQUIRED MUSIC: (AUA) In Required Music students will explore how music is created through the study of the Elements of Music: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Tone Color and Dynamics. We will explore Musical Styles and Forms of music. We will study Musical Composers and Virtuosos through classwork and REQUIRED PROJECTS. We will study the Instruments of the Orchestra by their various families: Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion and we will learn how to use Music Notation. We will also learn about Copyright laws and what they mean to today's consumer in relation to downloading music. Finally, we will explore the contributions of Latin American & African American music, including Spirituals, Gospel and the Blues. Students will conclude the course with a REQUIRED FINAL PROJECT of their choice from a list provided by the teachers.