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The Mark of Excellence

The Mark of Excellence

The Academy of
Business and Technology
New Utrecht High School

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A manufacturer and distributor of
trophies, plaques, nameplates,
engraved signs, paper products, and personalized gifts

Maureen A. Goldfarb

Marisa Martinelli
Assistant Principal of Operations

Lisa Gretano
Assistant Principal of Pupil Services

Cathy Daskalakis
Alan Benzaquen, Assistant Principal

In 1996, we began with an idea, an idea of starting a company which would manufacture and sell awards and other engraved gift items. We began by leveraging The Mark of Excellence’s resources to better serve consumers. We designed a way of thinking, focusing on our customers and providing them with value. As a result, we have cultivated relationships while serving our communities, which includes students, parents, our clients, our partners, and our immediate neighborhood.

Today, after years of learning while doing, we continue to believe in and hold close to the vision and values that got us started. They have become our mission — to be the best at what we do while growing leadership and maximizing customer satisfaction.

We are

The Mark of Excellence

Going Places and Doing Business

The Mark of Excellence Mission Statement

To be the best at what we do:

  • Providing high quality products at competitive prices.
  • Creating value for clients with superior and timely service.

· Growing our business while maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Modeling integrity and earning a reputation for excellence.
  • Developing business ideas and growing leadership.
  • Providing employees with an environment for success.
  • Working as a T.E.A.M.

(Together Everyone Achieves More)

Students Assembling Trophies

Academy of Business and Technology Course Sequence

Freshman Year
IC3 Certification
MOS Certification

Sophomore Year
Web Design

Junior Year

Senior Year
Entrepreneurial & Small Business Operations
Work Based Learning (Internships)

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The Program

The Mark of Excellence, the Academy of Business and Technology Program at New Utrecht High School, has been serving students and related communities since 1996.

Students creating buttons for The Mark of Excellence

Its vision is to see that all students have the opportunity to learn skills and to be introduced to the working world outside of book learning through a variety of work-based learning activities, which will enable them to be prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation from high school, and have practiced skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary education.

Displaying posters and brochures from the Mark of Excellence.

Educational Excellence

Student employees at The Mark of Excellence study business and economic essentials, practice and develop research skills, create resumes and practice interviewing techniques, practice and develop speaking skills, research and explore career possibilities, create actual goods, and service clients. Guest speakers who visit The Mark of Excellence during the school year and field trips to financial institutions and colleges expand the horizon for each student employee.

M.O.E. assembling trophies for clients

Professional Practice

Students merge their academic learning with skills learned by helping to run an actual business working in departments including: manufacturing, human resources, marketing, accounting, purchasing and sales. Experience working within the program in an actual office setting where professional behavior and dress is expected prepares student employees for the real world of office work. Student employees serving internships and performing community service utilize what they have learned in the program to perform job duties and gain valuable experience.

Group photo of stzudents and teacher.

Post-Secondary Partnerships and Professional Affiliations

Courses and seminars offered by our post-secondary partners, including St. Francis College and Kingsborough Community College, give our student employees valuable skills and college credit.

In addition, our partners in industry are invited to speak and conduct seminars within the school day providing information relating to the latest developments, trends and business indicators present in the current market and world economy.

Our present affiliations with work partners provide the program with work-based learning opportunities, including internships, job shadowing, work related seminars and attendance at work-place preparedness conferences and career fairs. These opportunities maximize the potential for student success, give students critical real world experiences, and expose students to adult role models.

Partnerships and Alliances

The Community Outreach Center

St. Joseph’s College

Kingsborough Community College

The Metropolitan Transit Authority

The American Cancer Society

Filmore Real Estate

The New York City Department of Education

The United Federation of Teachers

The Bay Ridge Parents Council

The Bay Ridge Real Estate Board

St. Francis College

The Kiwanis Club of Brooklyn

Brooklyn Kings County Hispanic

Chamber of Commerce

MOE students visiting DeVry College

What Our Clients Are Saying

"To the students at The Mark of Excellence, Thank you so much for the beautiful stationery and business cards. They will really come in handy in my daily work! I look forward to visiting your business soon!"
Catherine G.
Region 7


"I would like to thank you for arranging to have Chinese business cards made for us. We are looking forward to our trip to China."
Dawn Santiago Marulio

"We extend our appreciation to The Mark of Excellence. You did a great job!"
The Nursing Leadership of Bayonne Medical Center

The Mark of Excellence

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