New Utrecht High School

Fine Arts Department

Who Are We?

  • Our Mission:

As Art Educators, it is our goal to provide each and every student a high-quality arts education. By enrolling in one of the art courses offered at New Utrecht High School, students will discover the lifelong enjoyment and wonder inherent in the visual arts. We encourage our students to satisfy their curiosities and self-expression through their exploration of the arts.

We provide opportunities for you to connect with art institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, and the Guggenheim, or with organizations that exhibit and perform the arts. We offer advanced study in the arts, and promote participation in programs offered by arts schools such as SVA’s Pre-college Program or Saturday Program, Pratt’s Saturday Art Program, Cooper Union’s Arts Outreach Program and FIT’s High School Program. We also introduce you to the many financially and personally rewarding careers available in the arts-related industries.

  • Why Learn Art?

This is a question that many of you ask, especially if you are not artistically inclined. Research has linked student involvement in the arts to the following:

    • Improved academic achievement
    • Enhanced critical thinking skills
    • Increased creative self-expression and self confidence
    • Appreciation and respect for diversity
    • Improved discipline and time management skills
    • Increased physical, emotional and psychological enjoyment of life
  • What Are The Graduation Requirements in the Arts?

GRADES 9-12: New York State Graduation requirements for the arts include one unit (one year) in visual arts and/or music. In New York City, one unit of credit is the equivalent of approximately 108 hours of instruction by a licensed arts teacher.

Availability of Arts Sequences NYSED Requirement: High schools have the option of fulfilling the graduation requirement through either ½ unit of credit (one semester each) in both visual arts and music, or one unit of credit (one year) in one. All public school districts shall offer students the opportunity to complete a three- or five-unit sequence in the arts.

  • What Courses Are Available?
    • Studio Art
    • Drawing
    • Painting levels 1, 2 &3
    • Computer Art
    • Graphic Design
    • Fashion Construction
    • Fashion Illustration
    • Portfolio 1
    • Portfolio 2
  • What is The Arts Academy?

Recognizing the needs of artistically talented students who want to attend a local high school with a strong visual arts program, New Utrecht High School now is offering placement into The Arts Academy. We are dedicated to supporting the growth of young adults, as they become successful artists and leaders in their community who display integrity, confidence, creativity and commitment.

We offer a challenging visual arts curriculum with an emphasis on creating real partnerships among students, teachers and parents as well as collaborating with industry professionals. This sequential pre-professional art program is enriched by our dedication to provide individualized attention and focus on project based assignments, which prepare students for top visual arts colleges and careers in the visual arts. During their high school career, students with have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions, juried art contests and internships..

The Academy Educators are practicing artists whose goal is to foster students to become globally minded with a compassionate understanding of the social, political, cultural and economic paradigms that inform our communities and the world while inspiring them to set the highest standards as they critically view the world, visually communicate and explore a wide range of ideas and experiences.

All students who choose to participate in The Arts Academy agree to remain in good academic standing and maintain a high level of attendance. They will be programmed for an art sequence which will result in an individualized portfolio showcasing his/her strengths in the art form they are interested in pursuing in the future.

  • Are There Any Art Clubs I can Join?

We currently are running three different art clubs. Click on the links below to visit their club pages for more information and meeting details.

    • Fashion Society with Ms. Harlin
    • Photo Club with Mrs. Mikulka
    • Art Club with Ms. Browne-O’Neill